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While trying to understand what a macheme can be, I created bots. This is one of them, the nachten bot. The nachten-bot is saying goodnight every half hour. He picks a random tweet, repeats it and suffix it with a hashtag. The Goedenacht-Bot says goodnight to people that are going to bed.
The reactions are funny. See people are not amused the bot knows their name. They probably forget they filled it in in their profile themselves. Hoerajarig is saying things about birthdays and congratulates people. He is not the most smart bot, because he is filtering tweets only using the word ‘jarig’, which is an ambiguous Dutch word. I noticed the Dutch used more discourtesies than than other people.
Groups of bots, talking with each-other, talking with people and talking with other bots.

One bot did not gather any followers and did not appear in twitter search results: the God-Bot. This bot only talks about God, saying both holy and profane things. His outspoken profanity has probably made Twitter’s filtering machemes decide not to make his tweets public.

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