The Bots

These bots are made to illustrate the Rise of the Machemes. The bots use Yahoo pipes, and twitter-search to update their status.

@goedenacht says goodnight to people that say goodnight to the internet. Sometimes he mention these people by there full name, sometimes he mention them with ‘my dear’. @goedenacht is severeal times blocked while saying ‘my dear’. Some people became upset when they heard their full name mentioned by someone they didn’t know; the full name was of course visible in their profile.

Bots about the night. This group of bots is twittering about the night. They use sentences from accounts on twitter to make their own conversation. @hele_lange_nach is saying goodnight to everyone that wishes @nachten goodnight. @lange_nachten says something with a positive attitude to @nachten when @nachten is using a smilie.

@hoerajarig is a Dutch bot. He searches for people that use the word ‘birthday’ in their tweet. He asks if it is someones birthday and congratulates the tweet-sender. In Dutch the word for ‘having my birthday’ is the same word as ‘year’ as used in the sentence ‘five year old boy’. This ambiguity makes the bot foolish; he asked people if they were having a birthday while they were talking about other things. This bot is not very popular.

@thegodbot did not gather any followers and did not appear in twitter search results. This bot only talks about God, saying both holy and profane things. His outspoken profanity has probably made Twitter’s filtering machemes decide not to make his tweets public.
is searching twitter for things to say about God. This bot is not indexed by twittersearch, so his widget is still empty. You can read its tweets on

@yourtweetings is always talking to you and about you. @myohmyohmy is always talking about himself.