The world
The bots I created do not make up the things they say themselves, they pick their sentences from other twitter accounts. The complete set of sentences available for selection at a certain time I will call the ‘macheme pool’.
 For example, the Goodnight Bot selects his tweets from all tweets mentioning the word “goodnight” (in various languages), so it’s macheme pool consists of all instances of the ‘tweet that wishes the world goodnight’. Tweets in this pool can originate from either humans or machemes. Some tweets originate from memes, some from machemes and some from a combination of both. The pool captures all possible variations at a certain moment, and almost every tweet is slightly different. All tweets that can be considered similar contain the word ‘goodnight’ in some form. Tweets that are identical are retweets (or blatant copies). In the illustration, the ‘goodnight’ tweets are drawn on a map to show where they originated, creating a map of the world as it is about to sleep.