City Tour of Choices

This was a project for school. We were given a theme for which we had to form a statement. we then had to build an installation which would support our statement.
the concept:
our statement was “free will is an experience”. we made a tour where people could make choices as to which path they would take. at the end of the tour the player was provided with a score of predictable of their chosen path. this was possible because the options of the path were such that people would be biased towards only one of them. theories of marketing had to be researched and implemented, as well as a survey had to be curried off on the internet, so as to evaluate our hypothesis.
the setup:
a bicycle would control a flash application playing the movie of the tour. a dynamo on the wheel would measure the speed of the user’s pedaling and two switches attached to the steer corresponded to left and right. all inputs from the bicycle’s sensors were connected to a modified keyboard’s electronic-board giving key-inputs to the flash app. the project was carried out by Ella Keijzer, Job de Reus and Giannis Panagiotou.
a modification of the final product attracted the attention of the senior house’s physiotherapist department in Leiden.

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